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How to get heatless waves from home?

Make use of your down time during this self isolation period. Learn a new skill, try to better yourself and why not try to give your hair a rest from damaging heat tools, and try out these heatless overnight techniques to give you that perfect curl. 

If you still want to put some effort in and feel a little fancy at home, without wastefully frying your hair with heat, here are three effortless waves that are perfect for you!

Each technique will work best on wet freshly washed hair and left overnight, to ensure that the curls will stay for longer. Below shows the result of each curl after it is dried. Please note that due to different hair textures and types, your curls may look different compared to the photos or videos shown below. 

Hair Waves

Simple braid method

This technique is simple, and gives your hair an effortless and natural beachy wave. 

Simply part your hair into two sections, and braid each section into a 3 strand braid and secure it off with a hair tie. If you prefer the curls to start closer to the crown of your head, french braid the two sections rather than 3 strand braid. 

Once you remove the braid, your hair will be beachy and beautiful. All you have to do is separate the curls and brush through with your fingers. Don’t brush your hair out with a hairbrush, to avoid hair becoming frizzy and unmanageable. 



Sock curls method

Sock curls are the newest trend to achieve the heatless waves. This technique leaves the hair wavy rather than curly, mimicking the effect of a large barrel curling wand.

Split the hair into two sections, (or four sections for thicker hair). Grab a long sock and rest it flat, from the top of your head running down the hair. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the sock, continue piece by piece until all of your hair is wrapped around the sock. Secure the end of the hair and the sock with a hair tie and leave overnight. 

Onces removed you will have large, bouncy and full bodied waves.



Twisted bun method

This method will give your hair a slight wave near the ends, giving your hair that effortless curl look. This is perfect if your hair is silky straight and you are looking for a little something to give you hair that slight curl. 

Flip your hair upside down and gather your hair at the top of your head. Grab your hair and twist it until it forms a bun, and secure off with bobby pins or a hair tie. If you have thicker hair feel free to split your hair into two sections and then secure into a bun. 

The curl will form in the direction of the bun, leaving the ends and the shaft of your hair slightly curled and voluminous because of the high bun.



Tips and tricks for heatless hairstyles

To enhance your waves consider products to deepen your look. Applying sea salt spray will add texture and give the hair a beachy look and feel. A dry wax works great to pierce out waves and give them more of a rock and roll feel. To achieve silky smooth results, consider smoothing lotions and oils.

All of these products will give your curls a different look, depending on the type of wave you want to achieve.

It is important to note that if you do need to use heat on your hair, be sure to use heat protectants, and try using your hot tools on a lower setting to avoid unnecessary heat damage.


Try these heatless styles for yourself or get in touch with Doowop Hair Salon for more tips and tricks

The expert hair colourists and stylists at Doowop Fremantle, are here to share their hair knowledge on heatless curls. If you would like more information on these styles feel free to give our salon a call on (08) 9336 2255.

Our team practises being brash, bold, and beautiful and we want all of our clients to feel that way too! So, if you’re looking to find your new hairstyle, a specialised cut, changing or maintaining your colour, Doowop can help with all your hair needs. 

For more information please visit our website or book online today!


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Look Fabuloso with this colour boosting treatment

Have you ever wanted to prolong the colour and tone of your hair but never knew how?

Evo’s fabuloso colour boosting treatment range gives you freedom to change the colour of your hair. With this customisable toning treatment, you can prolong your professional salon colour from the comfort of your own home.

They hype around Evo hair

The Fabuloso colour boosting treatment range was created and inspired by Evo hair and their ethos to challenge the status quo and to create unique products for salons, stylists and free thinkers. 

Evo hair products are designed and manufactured in Australia, but now have a global reach and their products have made it to the shelves of salons on a global level.
By creating honest products which respect the planet and people, Evo hair has a humble mission and has seen amplifying success in the beauty industry and will continue to do so, with great products.

Using only responsibly sourced ingredients that are paraben, sulfate, propylene glycol and gluten free. As well as being accredited by PETA for being cruelty free. It is no question that Evo is good made to be good for your hair and good for the environment.

Evo’s hair range

With four simple to use product ranges, the Evo hair range focuses on basic hair care needs as well as colour toning to intense colour dying. Their range consists of:

Evo which are hair products (shampoo, conditioner ect.) which cater to each hair type. 

Fab pro allows you to maintain and match hair colour in between salon visits.

Staino which are a collection of semi-permanent colourful intense dyes for salon use.

Fabuloso which is an at home colour boosting treatment which refreshes hair tone, colour and shine.

Fabuloso colour boosting treatment

The Fabuloso range comes in 8 toning colours: platinum blonde, light beige, caramel, copper, purple red, mahogany, chestnut, cool brown.

With the aim to refresh the tone and colour of your hair in-between salon visits, you will be able to extend the intensity of any hair colour for a longer period of time. 

Combining both instant colour with intense conditioning treatment, the Fabuloso range is made for those with dull, dry, colour treated hair.  

How to use it

The Fabuloso treatment is simple and easy to use, straight from the salon shelves to your shower. With this weekly treatment you will experience soft and intensely toned hair in just three minutes, just be sure to wear gloves to avoid stained hands. 

Step one: wash and towel dry hair

Step two: depending on length and thickness of hair, apply desired amount to the entire head

Step three: comb product through hair using fingers or wide tooth brush

Step four: wait three minutes

Step five: wash your hair with water until water runs clear. 

Speak to the hair specialists at Doowop Salon Fremantle

Whether you want a masterclass in how to use any of the products from the Evo hair range, or are just after a simple cut and colour, the hair specialists at Doowop Hair are here to help!

Our experienced hairdressers and stylists will elevate your look to the next level. 

Offering personalised hair cuts, coloring, blow waves and styling, hair straightening and makeup. Doowop will cater to all your beauty needs. 

Using only the best products on your hair from the Evo and fabuloso hair care range.

Get in touch with us on (08) 9336 2255, book online or step into Fremantle Salon today!

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