As we shed the winter layers and look ahead into the warm spring and summer months ahead, it’s a good time to reflect and look at what spring haircut may be a good option for you. With many people choosing to grow their hair a little longer in the colder months, you might now want to think about getting that clean buzz cut you’ve been dreaming about. Or perhaps you’re looking for a low maintenance cut that perfectly suits your lifestyle. No matter your hair type, the team at DooWop Hair have put together a sharp little list of some of the best spring haircuts for men in 2020. If your current look just isn’t cutting it, read on to discover your new trim. 

Choppy Crop 

The choppy crop is the perfect new spring haircut for men looking to achieve a low maintenance or “messy” look, allowing for a comfortable and easy cut as the temperatures slowly creep up. Being a little less sharp than other types of crop haircuts, it’s a bit of a more approachable cut for men to try. The team at DooWop would like to point out that this particular style looks best with plenty of interesting texture in the hair, or simply left messy. 

Groomed, 40s Style Mid Fade

One of the great things that often comes with spring is the abundance of weddings or garden parties. This groomed, 40s style mid fade is the ideal cut for the spring wedding season. It’s a clean and sophisticated cut with a polished finish, making it a perfect style for the many formal situations you’re probably going to find yourself in. This style does require pomade and a styling comb to keep the hair in shape after having a shower.

Spring Buzz Cut

The classic buzz cut has seen a resurgence in recent times, particularly with many men opting to take matters into their own hands during lockdown periods. As buzz cuts grew in popularity in the first half of the year, the springtime is the most ideal period to try out this short and sharp look.  Not only is it incredibly low maintenance, but if you ask your hairdresser for a slightly less extreme number (you don’t always have to go for a number 1!), you can add some nice texture to the cut. 

Grown Out Fade 

Choosing a fade cut where the sides are even with a grown-out top is a nice switch up from that usual look, where the sides go from very short to more thick near the top. This is a sleek, short and clean look, that still requires little maintenance for those of you looking for more of a “get up and go” cut. 

DooWop Hair – Hairdresser Fremantle

The skilful team at DooWop Hair in Fremantle are experienced in a wide array of different men’s haircuts. We hope that this little list of the best spring haircuts for men in 2020 has given you a burst of inspiration for your next look. If you are still unsure of the exact style you want to go for, please give us a call on (08) 9336 2255 or make a booking online. We can advise you in person on the most suitable haircut to match your hair, lifestyle and personal preferences.