Straightening your hair can be a difficult task for many people around the world. There are a number of different ways that you can go about hair straightening, with there being a certain few methods that offer a more long lasting solution.

Yuko hair straightening is one such method that was created in 1996 by a Japanese hair stylist by the name of Yuko Yamashita. Yuko understood the trouble and time consuming process that normal hair straightening was causing on people’s lives and wanted to introduce an effective method that would permanently leave hair smooth, straight and healthy. This blog from the DooWop Hair team is your guide on Yuko hair straightening, and whether or not it could be right for you on your next visit to our hair salon in Fremantle!

How does Yuko hair straightening work?

Unlike other hair straightening techniques,Yuko hair straightening is far superior as this method works to physically change the internal structure of your hair, leaving it in a permanent straight flow. At DooWop Hair we apply the Yuko solution to your hair, and leaving it to saturate. Once we have then rinsed the solution off, we can then blow dry and flat iron your hair, creating that permanent straight shape that you are trying to achieve. The last step is to apply the neutraliser to help condition the newly straightened hair. From here we simply rinse off the neutraliser and style it in the way that you wish!

How Yuko Hair Straightening Work

What are the benefits of Yuko hair straightening? 

The Yuko hair straightening treatment is internationally renowned for its success and efficacy. What makes it more beneficial than other hair straightening techniques? Let’s find out why.

It provides long lasting results, whilst preserving the overall integrity and health of the hair being treated. One of the great benefits of the treatment is that because it is a permanent solution, you only have to come in one or two times a year for treatment. It’s a cost effective way to ensure you’re maintaining healthy and straight hair for longer.

Furthermore, it also saves you an incredible amount of time, as you won’t have to use that trusty flat iron all the time. The gentle results of the treatment also mean that it offers easy daily management and requires minimal styling. This adds some much needed time to your daily routine that you can use for something more productive.

One thing to point out is that the Yuko method is recommended for new growth, and you should wait a minimum of 4 months before having it done if you have recently had a keratin or relaxer treatment. Although this hair treatment can work on all types of hair, we do take extra precautions with those who have highlighted or damaged hair as well. 

Benefits of Yuko Hair Straightening

How does it differ from other hair straightening methods? 

The Yuko hair straightening treatment tends to last longer than many other hair straightening methods. The other two popular and common methods are the Brazilian and Keratin treatments, which both temporarily coat the hair to leave it smooth and straight. Unfortunately, these methods tend to wash out in around 3 months on average, making your hair return to its natural shape if you don’t keep reapplying. This means you’ll need to visit your usual hair salon in Fremantle quite often if you want to continue with those methods and keep your hair straight. This makes hair straightening quite hazardous chemicals, which can affect the health of your hair and yourself as well. 

DooWop Hair – Hair Salon in Fremantle

Now that you know all about Yuko hair straightening, you can decide whether it may be a good option for you. DooWop Hair is the ambassador salon for the Yuko treatment in WA, with our manager Larissa being the WA educator for the product. 

The team at our hair salon in Fremantle are all trained in applying the Yuko treatment and are here to answer any further questions you have about the procedure. We will provide you with a consultation to assess whether your hair may be suitable for the treatment, and help guide you through the whole process. You can visit our hair service section for more information and pricing options. Or you can call us directly today on (08) 9336 2255.