The spring season offers warmer weather, blossoming flowers, and the incredible events that the Australian racing season brings about. Although this year has obviously been significantly affected by unprecedented events, the racing season is set to continue, albeit in a slightly different fashion than what we’re used to. This is often a special time of the year that people like to use as an excuse to get dressed up, or try out a new spring racing hairstyle for different events. If you’re looking for a hairdresser in Fremantle that offers the top spring racing hairstyles, then look no further. Our dedicated team at DooWop Hair have put together this list of styles that you won’t be able to miss throughout the spring in 2020. 

High Pony 

Although the ponytail is a hairstyle that can be a quick and simple everyday look for many of us, it can also prove to be very stylish and sleek when done correctly. A high pony has the ability to complement all sorts of stunning outfits that you may be eyeing up to wear for this spring racing season. This hairstyle provides you with the ultimate easy and adaptable look to match hair accessories and fascinators with. Clip-in extensions can also be a fabulous addition to the hairstyle, particularly if your pony is slightly wavy. 

Longer Bob

You don’t always have to think about having your hair up for the spring racing season. If your hair is slightly shorter in length, but longer than a traditional bob, having that slightly longer bob can be a sleek look to have worn down. These low maintenance longer bobs also look amazing with a wide array of fascinators. At the moment you may not have the appropriate length hair for this hairstyle, so please visit our hair salon in Fremantle for a trim if you’re looking for a fresh look for spring. 

Braid Into Bun 

The brain into bun hairstyle is an interesting way to add some more life to your traditional hairstyles. Turning that simple braid into a bun can add some sophistication to your look that will be sure to turn heads at all sorts of events this spring. You have the choice of either a braid down the back or braiding your hair on the side. You can experiment with this and see what works best for you and your outfit and headpiece. The hairstylists in Fremantle at DooWop can help create the perfect braid into bun look for you, and discover what may work best with your hair type and length. 

Beachy Waves 

This is another super chic look where you don’t have to worry about keeping your hair up for the whole day! Beautiful beachy waves can be an incredible spring racing hairstyle to complete your look for 2020. You can achieve these beachy waves by visiting our hair salon in Fremantle for professional blow waves and styling services. 

DooWop Hair – Fremantle Hair Stylist 

The expert team at DooWop Hair at our hair salon in Fremantle are more than happy to help find your ultimate spring racing hairstyle for 2020. We hope our little list gave you some inspiration, but if you are still unsure of what you are looking for, feel free to get in touch with us, so we can organise the most appropriate service for you. We also offer makeup services if you’re wanting to look extra special for any upcoming spring events. If you’re in need of professional hair and makeup in Fremantle, call DooWop Hair on (08) 9336 2255, or make an appointment online today.