Summer has come and gone in Perth, and what better excuse to try out a new hair colour than the start of a new season. Even better when said season is Autumn! With the beautiful Autumnal colour tones beginning to take over, this is the perfect time to test out a warmer, richer hair colour to match this season’s colour palette. If you’re struggling for inspiration, here are some Autumn hair colour ideas from the Fremantle hairstylists at DooWop Hair.


Auburn hair colour - Autumn hair colour

If you’re looking to embrace the Autumn colour palette but you’re not quite ready for an all-over copper, this beautiful blend of copper and brunette is the perfect compromise to give your hair a warmer, richer feel for the new season. Ranging in shades from medium to deeper reds, this Autumn hair colour will add that little bit of difference to natural brunettes and typically suits ladies with paler skin tones.  


Copper hair - Autumn hair colour

For those looking to channel their complete “inner-Autumn”, an all-out copper will help you transition into the new season with style (and a fabulous hair colour). A little lighter than auburn, this vibrant shade is really versatile and works well on both blonde and brunette hair. Opt for an all-over copper if you’re really feeling the love from this shade, or experiment with lighter tones and a subtle balayage for a look that’s a little more strawberry blonde.

Caramel balayage

Caramel balayage - Autumn hair

For ladies seeking a subtle lift to their natural brunette hair this Autumn, this beautiful balayage with golden-caramel undertones strikes the perfect balance of richness and warmth. Whilst the brunette base creates a deeper hue to suit the darker season, the golden undertones add a subtle warmth to counteract the colder Autumn weather. This is the perfect transitional step for ladies planning to go darker for winter.

Rose gold

Rose gold hair colour - Autumn hair

If you’re looking for a change from your sun-kissed summer hair, this rose gold blend is the perfect alternative to prepare your hair for Autumn. This look incorporates an entirely colour spectrum, so there’s plenty of room to push the boundaries depending on how rose or gold you want to go. Transform your natural blonde into pastel perfection with an all-over rose or incorporate this colour into a multi-tonal balayage to spice up your look for Autumn.

Chocolate brown

Chocolate brown hair - Autumn hair colour

If you’re ready to take on the colder season and darker days in full force, this beautiful chocolate brown hair colour will instantly add depth and richness to any look. Whilst the gorgeous chocolate hue works really well as a standalone hair colour, you can also combine with light brown highlights for a lighter lift to this darker shade. Let’s face it, anything with ‘chocolate’ in the name is going to be a crowd-pleaser!

New hue, new you!

At DooWop hair, our Fremantle hairdressers offer an extensive range of beautiful hair colours to help you create your signature style for any time of year. Highly trained in the latest hair colour trends and techniques, our Fremantle hairdressers will help you embrace the changing season in the most stylish way possible.

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