Whilst orange may be the new black, grey is definitely the new blonde. This metallic hair colour choice is growing in popularity, with many famous faces opting to take their blonde locks one step further to rock a sleek, silver do. This colour choice is bold and edgy, and could be the cool colour change you’ve been looking for to make the transition from beautiful blonde to sultry silver. Here are some examples of celebrities who have gone grey, and rocked it!

Cara Delevingne – sleek and silver

silver hair inspiration - Cara Delevigne

One of the first celebs to make the change from blonde bombshell to silver vixen was the ever vivacious Cara Delevingne. The model is renowned for throwing her hair to the wind (literally), and has been seen rocking buzz cuts, crops and now a sultry, silver do. Cara brings a sense of youthful sophistication to this edgy hairstyle.

P!nk – silver pixie cut

Silver hair - P!nk

Punk-pop rocker P!nk proves she’s still got it with her latest silver pixie cut. Not one to shy away from an edgy look, the 38 year old songstress has recently been seen rocking her signature short locks with a silver colour tone, proving once again that age is nothing but a number.

Mel B – silver platinum

Mel B

Mel B loves to keep her look fresh and interesting, and her silver platinum hairstyle was no exception. Naturally a brunette, the former Spice Girl is the poster for brown-haired girls looking to make the change to a silver platinum hair colour.

Lady Gaga – grey sleek

Lady Gaga silver hair

Whilst already renowned for her provocative fashion choices on the the red carpet, Lady Gaga has recently opted for a more pared-back look. Her latest sleek, grey hairstyle still stays true to her edgy style. However, the singer manages to translate this on-trend silver hair colour into a sophisticated, elegant look.

Jamie Lee Curtis – short and silver

Jamie Lee Curtis silver pixie cut

This silver screen veteran proves that the silver hairstyle isn’t just for the younger generation. Whether you’re looking to cover up those unwanted greys by embracing an all-over colour, or simply want to switch up your signature style with an edgy, pixie cut – Jamie Lee Curtis is a great example of how silver hair works for all ages.

Go silver with DooWop

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