Braids are the most popular hairstyles that never go out of fashion. Whether you’re looking for a statement style to make your own or channeling your modern-day princess Leia, there’s so much you can do with the ever-versatile braid. Perfect for both casual and formal events, braids are a great way to add instant style and texture to your look without any dramatic changes. From perfect plaits to structured updos, here are some of DooWop Hair’s favourite ways to rock the beautiful braided look.

For the mermaid lovers: fishtail braid

Side fishtail braid

Image courtesy of stayglam

To add a different touch to your regular plait, try experimenting with a fishtail braid. This hairstyle is great when you’re in need of an “instant transformation” from bed hair to beautiful; whilst the look is incredibly effective, it’s also deceptively simple, so you can achieve it within a matter of minutes if time isn’t on your side. Another great thing about this hairstyle? The more tousled it gets, the better it looks. This means  you don’t need to worry about it losing its effect over a long day (or night)! The fishtail braid looks beautifully elegant when pushed to one side, but can also be incorporated into a half-up hairstyle for a unique twist on the half-up half-down do.

For the formal affair: braided bun

Braided bun - braided updo ideas

Image courtesy of fabmood

Whilst braids are often seen as a casual alternative to your standard ponytail, they can also be used to elevate a look into that goes more formal. If you’re heading out to a big event, this braided addition is a really simple way to add a sophisticated spin on the popular bun. Whilst this look works really well with a regular messy bun, you can also incorporate braids into the ever-elegant chignon for a look that’s truly wedding-worthy.

For the gym junkie: boxer braids

Image courtesy of Pinterest

If you’re looking to hit the gym in style (or any venue for that matter), these boxer braids are a great way to keep your hair off your face during your daily activities. Now used by many celebs as their signature “I’ve just worked out” look, this braided look will help you show off your sporty side in the most stylish way possible.

For the modern-day princess: braided crown

Braided crown - braided updo ideas

Image courtesy of weddingforward.

For any Star Wars fans looking to pay homage to their favourite princess, this modern day take on the braided crown makes for an effortlessly romantic and elegant do. This braided hairstyle works really well as a standalone style, but can also be paired with floral accessories for a bohemian-inspired bridal look. For the full effect, leave a few strands loose to frame the face.

For the festival-goer: space bun braids

Space bun braids - braided updo ideas

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Since first sported by Miley Cyrus during her infamous VMA performance back in 2013,  we’ve seen plenty of unique takes on the ever-vivacious space bun. However, nothing quite beats this unique combination of braids and bun put together. This hairstyle combines an upside down dutch braid with two space buns to create a Coachella-inspired festival look. For the full effect, incorporate the braids into the buns themselves to create added texture, or add a little glitter for extra glam.

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