Ah, how we love the humble ponytail. What’s not to love? It’s the first hairstyle we ever mastered in kindergarten. Whether you need to keep your hair out of your face or want something simple but elegant for a night out, a ponytail is truly a girl’s best friend. One of our favourite variations of this classic style is the super sleek ponytail; it’s instant elegance with just a few simple steps. Here are our top tips on how to achieve the perfect super sleek ponytail.

DooWop - super sleek ponytail

Courtesy of Crave Naturals

Be prepared

If you want to master the simple and sleek ponytail, Make sure you have all the correct tools and products ready to go, such as your hair ties, hairspray and hairbrush. Remember, if your hair tends to be overly frizzy or fine on the first day of washing, it’s better to wait until the second day as your hair will be easier to control.

Get your sleek on

Prep up your hair by blow-drying and straightening it. We recommend applying Evo Easy Tiger Straightening Balm to damp hair; it’s both a heat protectant and the secret ingredient for achieving ultra sleekness. Alternatively, you can use a bit of Evo Love Perpetua Shine Drops on your dry hair to tame those flyaways.

Whip out the hairspray

Section your hair and apply hairspray to your roots. We recommend applying and brushing Evo Builders Paradise Working Spray through your hair, as this will help it stay in the direction you want your ponytail to sit.

Brush brush brush

Another simple tip to keep your ponytail tidy is to brush your hair. Brush your hair into the direction you want your super sleek ponytail to sit. Keep brushing until those pesky lumps and bumps are simply a mere memory.

Finishing touches

Once your ponytail is tied back, you can use hairspray or a light gel to comb down any stubborn stray baby hairs. We love using a toothbrush or clean mascara wand to avoid comb marks; you can even spray a tissue with hairspray and smooth it over the flyaways!

At DooWop, we love our super sleek ponytails with a perfectly straight part. For an extra glamorous finish, wrap a small section of hair from your ponytail around the hair tie, and bobby pin it underneath the ponytail.

Hairstyling for any occasion

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