Summertime in Perth is time to embrace the sand, the sun, and those beautiful beach waves (we’re talking hair, of course). Whether you’re heading to a festival this sunny season or looking to achieve some babin’ waves for a big night out, this beautiful look is easy to achieve with the right advice from our Fremantle hairstylists! Here are DooWop’s top tips for achieving the perfect beach waves this summer.

DooWop - beach waves with curling wandFor the natural wave

If you’ve already been graced with wavy hair, there are plenty of ways to highlight your naturally wavy look. Try spraying your locks with a sea salt spray (we recommend Evo salty dog) or applying Moroccan Oil Beach Wave Mousse through the ends of your hair to emphasise the texture further. This is perfect if you’re looking for a quick solution to take your waves from zero to hero!

For the effortless look

If you’re after that “I just woke up” look, our hairstylists recommend keeping a texture powder (evo haze styling powder) handy in your handbag! Lightly sprinkle the powder over your roots throughout the day for an added touch of volume. This voluminous and textured look can also be easily achieved with Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray.

For the boho wave

For those looking to add a little boho chic into their beach waves, try plaiting hair into a loose braid before running straighteners over the plait. Alternatively, braid damp hair before bed and leave the plaits in overnight. Simply undo the braids the next morning and lightly run your fingers through to break up any thicker strands. If you’re heading to a festival or just want to spruce up the look even further, try incorporating added texture with a twisted crown braid or floral accessory.

For those starting from scratch

If your hair is naturally straight and sleek, try using a curling wand to create the perfect beach waves (we recommend the Cloud Nine Wand). Simply curl your hair with the wand, wait for the curl to cool, then brush the ends with a wide-toothed comb to enjoy your waves for days! For naturally textured waves, make sure you use different sized sections of hair when curling.

For the most babin’ of waves

If you’re struggling to achieve the wavy look at home, some professional help may be in order! Whether you’re looking to nail the wave for a big night out or simply want to treat yourself with an expertly styled look, there’s no better way to create the perfect wave (beach or otherwise) than with our magic touch!

Glamorous waves - DooWop hair salon

Our Fremantle hair salon

At DooWop Hair, we take pride in ourselves on our expert colour and hairstyling services. Whether you’re looking for a colour change, a hairstyle upgrade or a complete make over for a fresh look, our experienced hairstylists can help you achieve the signature style you have in mind. Book an appointment at our Fremantle hair salon to start your transformation!