Olaplex is the one ingredient that changes everything. Go blonder. Push the boundaries. Make the change.

A colour service upgrade that allows your stylist to push the envelope further without compromising the integrity of hair. Olaplex allows you to repair broken bonds within the hair follicle and get your hair back to being strong and healthy.

Olaplex is free of silicone, sulphates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, gluten and is never tested on animals.

How it works?

Olaplex is a three step process designed to multiply and cross-link broken bonds within the hair, all containing the same active ingredient.

Olaplex works internally within the hair structure to discover broken disulphide bonds and adhere them back together. These bonds can be damaged a multitude of ways, including hair straightening, colouring, lightening, perming, chemical straightening, or even brushing.

This process is not a conditioning or protein treatment. This is the original formula that works to repair the hair from within. Other treatments are more like a band-aid and only affect the exterior quality of the hair. Olaplex will reduce porosity in the hair, hence colours last longer and can achieve a more consistent result.

Olaplex is the brainchild of two of the world’s leading PHD’s in Materials and Chemistry, Dr. Eric Pressly and Dr. Craig Hawker. They invented a single ingredient chemistry, that is free of silicone or oils, that links broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services making them stronger than they were before.

Internationally, Olaplex is being used by top colourists everywhere and they’re consistently vocal about the amazing results on social media. Find out what all the hype is about: