Have you always dreamed of being blonde but never thought it would suit you? The good news is that anyone can go blonde and look good as a natural blonde. It all comes down to finding the shade of blonde which suits and complements your skin tone. 

Your skin tone and the specific undertones present in your skin’s pigment will determine which shade of the blonde hair spectrum best suits you. From an ash, to a golden, even a “bronde” (blonde/brown) or any shades of blonde in between. 

Your hairdresser must complement the pigment in your skin to that of your ideal blonde. Use this guide to help you figure out the completion of your skin and where your perfect shade of blonde lies.

Skin pigment and undertone

The pigmentation of your skin is determined by the amount of melanin present in the skin. The more melanin, the darker the skin becomes and vice versa. Parallel to pigmentation, every individual carries specific undertones which alter the colour of the skin. These undertones can either be cool, neutral or warm. 

For example, someone with a light skin pigment and cool undertones, would differ from someone with a light skin pigment and warm undertones. Both individuals would need a different shade of blonde in order to truly complement all dimensions of their complexion.

Use this guide below to figure out which skin pigment and undertone you have. 

How to find your blonde shade


If you are struggling identify your skin pigment and undertone, another quick tip to determine your undertone is to look at your veins. Those with cool tones generally will have blue/ purple veins, neutral tones will have blue/ green veins, and warmer tones will have green/ olive veins. 

Light pigmentation

Now onto the hair colour; blonde comes in different shades and tones, similar to skin pigments and undertones. Generally speaking, those with lighter skin and cooler undertones will favour ash, silver, and platinum blondes as the blue pigment in the skin will neutralise the hair colour, keeping it a nice ashy tone. If you were to go platinum with a warm undertone, the hair may tend to look yellow rather than ashy, due to yellow pigments in the skin’s undertone bringing out the yellow in the hair.

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Those with lighter skin and warmer undertones should stick to soft golden, beige and sand blondes. These hair colours will mimic the lightness which complements skin pigment, with slight warmer highlights to bring out the undertones of the skin. Similarly, make sure you don’t go to ashy with a light pigment and warm undertones as the completion of your skin will look washed out and dull. 


Medium pigmentation

A medium skin tone is the most common amongst most clients. Those with medium skin pigments and cooler undertones will suit dark ash blondes and commonly favour balayage hair where a darker root colour fades into a cool ashy blonde. This hair colour will complement the darker dimensions of the skin with the darker roots, but remains blonde with the face framing highlights and lighter ends of the hair. 

Those with a medium pigment but warmer undertones will also complement the balayage trend, however, rather than fading into an ash blonde, the fade should be caramel or honey.


Dark pigmentation

Those with a darker pigment often find it more difficult to get the right shade of blonde. Warmer blondes tend to suit them more with framing ashy highlights for cooler blondes. When the skin is a lot darker than the hair there is a more obvious contrast, and your hair colour will be more of a statement, however, similar to light and medium skin tones, those with cool undertones will suit ash bronde. Whereas, warmer undertones will suit gold, sable brondes.

Time to go blonde at DooWop!

Now that you have figured out which blonde will best complement your skin pigment and undertone, DooWop Hair Salon, and their team of expert colourists are trusted when it comes to helping you reach your full blonde potential.

For an all hair over colour, balayage, or face framing highlights to best suit your blonde needs, please schedule an appointment with us at our Fremantle boutique hair salon by booking online, or call us on (08) 9336 2255.