Make use of your down time during this self isolation period. Learn a new skill, try to better yourself and give your hair a rest from damaging heat tools. Try out these heatless overnight techniques to give you that perfect curl. 

If you still want to put some effort in and feel a little fancy at home, without wastefully frying your hair with heat, here are three effortless waves that are perfect for you!

Each technique will work best on wet and freshly washed hair and left overnight, to ensure that the curls will stay for longer. You can see below shows the result of each curl after it is dried. Please note that due to different hair textures and types, your curls may look different compared to the photos or videos shown below. 

Hair Waves

Simple braid method

This technique is simple, and gives your hair an effortless and natural beachy wave. 

Simply part your hair into two sections, and braid each section into a 3 strand braid and secure it off with a hair tie. If you prefer the curls to start closer to the crown of your head, french braid the two sections rather than 3 strand braid. 

Once you remove the braid, your hair will be wavy and beautiful. All you have to do is separate the curls and brush through with your fingers. Don’t brush your hair out with a hairbrush, to avoid hair becoming frizzy and unmanageable. 



Sock curls method

Sock curls is the latest trend to achieve the heatless waves. This technique leaves the hair wavy rather than curly, mimicking the effect of a large barrel curling wand.

Split the hair into two sections, (or four sections for thicker hair). Grab a long sock and rest it flat, from the top of your head running down the hair. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the sock, continue piece by piece until all of your hair is wrapped around the sock. Secure the end of the hair and the sock with a hair tie and leave overnight. 

Once removed you will have large, bouncy and natural waves.



Twisted bun method

This method will give your hair a slight wave near the ends, giving your hair that effortless curl look. This is perfect if your hair is silky straight and you are looking for a little something to give you hair that slight curl. 

Flip your hair upside down and gather your hair at the top of your head. Grab your hair and twist it until it forms a bun, and secure off with bobby pins or a hair tie. If you have thicker hair feel free to split your hair into two sections and then secure into a bun. 

The curl will form in the direction of the bun, leaving the ends and the shaft of your hair slightly curled and voluminous because of the high bun.



Tips and tricks for heatless hairstyles

To enhance your waves consider products to deepen your look. Applying sea salt spray will add texture and give the hair a beachy look and feel. A dry wax works great to pierce out waves and give them more of a rock and roll feel. To achieve silky smooth results, consider smoothing lotions and oils.

All of these products will give your curls a different look, depending on the type of wave you want to achieve.

It is important to note that if you do need to use heat on your hair, be sure to use heat protectants, and try using your hot tools on a lower setting to avoid unnecessary heat damage.


You can try these heatless styles for yourself or get in touch with Doowop Hair Salon for more tips and tricks

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