If you want to stay trendy and fashionable, you sure ought to keep trying out new hairstyles. And if you are one of our short-haired friends, how good is this low maintenance lifestyle? Yet in spite of all its perks, having a bob brings its own challenges – such as a lack of inspiration when looking for styling tips. Here our some of our favorite hairstyles that serve as the ultimate bob inspiration.

Textured waves

Styling your bob with textured waves is an easy and quick way of incorporating movement and effortlessly cool vibes. Whether you’re going for the beachy, bohemian look or the grungy ‘I just rolled out of bed’ look, textured waves look stellar with shorter hair. 

Textured Wave

Straight bob with middle part

A severe middle part paired with a poker-straight bob is the perfect recipe for instant sleekness. This look will make you look immaculately put together with minimal effort required – our favourite kind of hairstyle! To achieve perfectly straight locks, apply a smoothing serum to damp hair before drying and straightening it. This will help reduce static and frizz and give the sleek finish you desire.

Straight Bob with Middle Part

Grungy slick back

A slicked back bob exudes grungy, retro glamour. It’s perfectly undone while giving your beauty look a slight edge. To achieve a slicked back bob, apply a volumising foam to the roots of your damp hair. Blow dry your hair away from your face and then use a comb to back-comb your roots in order to create more volume. Finish off this look by straightening your locks and using your hairspray to secure your artfully dishevelled hairstyle.

Grungy Slick Back


You’ve probably already rocked the topknot hundreds of times in an attempt to keep your hair out of your face. So did you know that the topknot is yet another simple and trendy way to style your bob? This look works best with hair that hasn’t been washed for a few days; alternatively, you can spray with your hair with some sea salt or texturising spray.

All you need to do is to gather half of your hair into a high messy bun and secure with a hair tie, or by wrapping another strand of your hair around the base of your bun. In addition to keeping hair out of your face, a topknot is a great way of giving you a ‘faux’ face lift and sculpting your face.


Twisted tendrils

For a romantic, bohemian look that takes just minutes to achieve, incorporate some twisted tendrils into your bob. Simply gather some strands on both sides of your face, twist them, and use bobby pins to secure them at the back of your head. This look works particularly well when paired with textured waves. You can even incorporate some accessories such as hair clips or flowers to elevate the flirty, feminine look.

Twisted Tendrils

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