Hair Straightening

DooWop Hair is the ambassador salon for Yuko Straightening in Western Australia and our Manager Larissa is the WA educator for the product.

Yuko G-Straight is a protein enriched, re-bonding straightening treatment which offers silky smooth, permanently straightened hair. This product was founded in Japan and is now distributed and used around the world with amazing results.

This straightening treatment works brilliantly on most hair types and is gentle enough to use even on highlighted hair. The key to the straightening technology lies in the patented AQUA GOLD SERIES which uses nanoscopic gold particles which sit within the hair cuticle and provide a smooth finish and facilitate the effective conduction of heat.

The results of this straightening treatment means easy daily management and minimal styling. Hair is shiny, healthy and soft to touch. This treatment will straighten and relax unruly hair and allow it to move naturally.

The process includes take home shampoo and intensive conditioner products. Please allow for a 10 minute in-salon consultation prior to your appointment.

DooWop Hair Salon also stocks a range of Yuko Home-care products that assist in the quality and maintenance of your Straightening Treatment.

Kokoro G shampoo and treatment

For dry and damaged hair. A sulphate free shampoo that supplements hair with protein, Aqua Gold, Keratin and Collagen to moisturise and strengthen the hair. A nourishing treatment that contains sunflower seed and seaweed extracts, vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5, silk proteins, keratin, Aqua Gold and antioxidants.


Yuko colour lock shampoo and treatment

This shampoo contains Herbal Edelweiss and Tocha Tea extracts to prolong the richness of colour and protect the hair from UV rays. The treatment moisturises dry, colour treated hair while Aqua Gold silk proteins and amino acids restore the vital nutrients and shine within the hair.


Aqua G base water

The main component in Yuko’s entire range. This product contains tiny particles of gold that sit within the hair cuticle and provides a smooth finish and facilitates the effective conduction of heat.


Repair (nano) through

A heat protector to be used on wet hair. Containing moisturising agents and amino acids, it helps to protect the hair whilst maintaining moisture and preventing damage. Nano Through is Yuko’s best selling homecare product with 10 million bottles sold globally each year.

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